Volume 59, Issue 1

Policy Essay Law Labor Reform at a Critical Juncture: The Case for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act By Representative Andy Levin & Colton Puckett Articles Strengthening the Federal Approach to Educational Equity During the Pandemic By Kimberly Jenkins Robinson Sunsets are for Suckers: An Experimental Test of Sunset Clauses By Kri…

Welcome, Class of 2019!

Greetings from the Harvard Journal on Legislation! Our names are Nino Monea and Maria Makar and we are the Co-Presidents and Editors-in-Chief of the Journal. We are writing to welcome you to campus and encourage you to join JOL. As the nation’s premier law review focused on legislative analysis and the legislative process, we have a unique rol…

JOL Co-Hosts Election Night Party at HLS

On this past Election Day, November 4th, hundreds of members of the Harvard Community attended the HLS Election Day party and issue discussion. The event hosted by the Journal on Legislation, Harvard Law School Democrats, and Harvard Law Republicans obtained overwhelming bipartisan support and attendance.

The event commenced with a key announcement early in the seven o’clock hour that Republican Senator McConnell achieved reelection in Kentucky. With this reelection, Sen. McConnell may very likely become Senate Majority Leader, as the Republican Party would ultimately claim a majority in the Senate as the night ensued and results were tabulated. Continue reading

Sen. Snowe Speaks with Dean Minow about Why Congress Isn’t Working

On October 30, Harvard Law School’s Dean Minow hosted Senator Olympia Snowe and Jason Grumet, Director of Bipartisan Policy Center. Held just a few days before the Mid-term elections, the talk focused on bipartisanship in Congress and why it isn’t working.

The talk opened up with a video on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Political Reform, which put together members from both sides of the aisle in order to produce a “bipartisan blueprint” for strengthening our democracy. Proposals included implementing bipartisan redistricting commissions to end state gerrymandering, electoral reforms such as voter registration and a single day for primaries, campaign finance reforms such as improved transparency and disclosures, and congressional reforms such as ending filibuster abuse and extending members’ work week through Friday. Continue reading