Volume 52, Number 1

52.1 Masthead


Toward a More Constitutional Approach to Solitary Confinement: The Case for Reform    1
Representative Cedric Richmond


Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Battered Women Claiming Self-Defense and a Legislative Proposal to Amend Section 3.04(2)(b) of the U.S. Model Penal Code                  17
Hava Dayan and Emanuel Gross

Dirty Debt Sold Dirt Cheap                                                                                                                            41
Dalié Jiménez

The Risks We Are Willing to Eat: Food Imports and Safety                                                            125
Alexia Brunet Marks

The War on Drugs and Prison Growth: Limited Importance, Limited Legislative Options 173
John F. Pfaff

Asset Forfeiture in a New Market- Reality Narcotics Policy                                                           221
Mark Osler


Regulating the New Gold Standard of Criminal Justice: Confronting the Lack of Record-Keeping in the American Criminal Justice System                                                                          245